Dream Weaver Enterprises

Weaving Your Dreams for Today Protecting Them for Tomorrow


Investment Opportunities

We work with a variety of investment opportunities suited for beginning investors with just a small investment fund up to experienced investors looking for non-traditional opportunities. 

Tax Sale Overage Refund

We offer trained and certified tax sale overage recovery specialists who can help determine if you are owed a refund from a tax sale and retrieve that money for you and your family.

Personal and Business Trusts

We help you learn about the power of a trust and what it can mean for you, your family and your business. You can protect yourself and your assets to ensure your more of your estate gets into the hands of your heirs and not the government. 

Financial Literacy

Real Estate, life insurance, 401K, stocks...There are so many options and so much confusion. What is your credit score and how can you use it to build your wealth? How do you make the best decisions to weave your financial dreams?